Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Junk Mail Notebook Update

Here is an updated photo of my junk mail notebook. I've added tabs. By tabbing one notebook I can have every list all in one place and be able to find the correct list easier. I tried using ball chain to "hinge" the notebook and that didn't work very well. One side snapped. I guess I'll lace it again. I am going to look for large key chain rings - the ones with a hinge - our local hardware store doesn't stock them and I think they would work really well. Otherwise I cleaned my craft room a bit last night and am looking forward to some sewing again. Happy crafting!!

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Julie said...

I think these are so cool. I think I'll have to have you make me one to keep in my scout stuff. I know, one for the upcoming BWCA trip, something that's a bit water proof or more damp proof. Anyways, I am impressed Kim. Keep up the imagination!!!

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