Friday, August 7, 2009

Sandwich wrapper

I’ve been seeing reusable snack bags and sandwich wrappers all over the web for some time now. This is a good example that inspired me. I really liked how she took the inside of a potato chip bag to line the snack bag. This was a project that would use things I have around the house – love that!! I customized it to work with what I need – I wanted a sandwich wrapper that could be opened flat to eliminate any corners for crumbs and jelly to hide. So – I cut open a chip bag, wiped it off, fused it to a piece of fabric, used a zig-zag stitch around the edges -


Added velcro – topstitched a couple seams down the sides. (This will keep it folded in when all folded up – so it will hold its shape around the sandwich -




This is what it looks like all folded and velcro’d. Nothing fancy. We’ll get fancy when we know they will come back every day. I loved that this project uses items from around the house – cost was basically zero. Woot woot!


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Unknown said...

Now that's why I like art! Makin something outta nothing!

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