Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uff da

It has been busy around here! I haven’t gotten very much crafting done – we’ve been just trying to keep up. My daughter turned 16 and within a few days my son turned 13. (Luckily our littlest guy is only 8 1/2 so I still have the joy of having a little person around me.) But, I’ve found myself wondering where the time has gone – and thinking that the time we have left to be a family-that-all-lives-in-the-same-house is short. I’m trying to make memories. So. . . today I made the kids hike up a big hill that is near us. The following pictures were taken from the top of the hill. As you can see we are above the tree tops. Uff da. I vow to get the kids outside exploring more. My son that is 13 has probably been over every square inch within a 5 mile radius – but the rest of us aren’t quite so active anymore. We used to walk or bike everywhere but then I got a car. (Just didn’t need one for the longest time.) And I got lazy. And I’m getting fluffy! And it is my birthday over this weekend and I’m starting to feel just a little old. So go hike up a big hill with your kids because before you know it they will be teenagers and trust me, not only is it startling  to have your little boy grow so much he looks you in the eye, it is also harder to get them to spend time with you.



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