Monday, August 10, 2009


I made myself a birthday present – here it is! I love the way this pendent turned out!

blog 001

Here is a side view -

blog 002

One reason it turned out so well is because I used these Martha Stewart glitters!


Although it is really hard to photograph glittered projects. . . I thought you’d want to see it. If you want to know how to make it leave me some comments and I’ll do a tutorial. I made it by recycling some things around the house and some basic craft supplies. I want to see if I can generate any comments. . . it’s up to you! ha ha!

And I wanted to show you what my very talented friend, Ona, sent me for my birthday! (If you think it’s hard to get a picture of a glittered project try to capture the magic of fused glass!) Yep, this is a fused glass pendent she sent me – yay me! I wore it for my birthday bash and got lots of compliments. Thank you Ona!

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Julie said...

Oh you have to tell her it's beautiful. She is one talented lady. Did she send you a papercutting card too? I hope your birthday was perfect. It sure sounded great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! A bit late.

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