Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The freebie websites I love!

My good friend (Carmen) got me going on freebie websites. You got an example the other day when I posted a link to a free Sham Wow! I thought I’d provide a list of other favorite places I like to check out:

Shop4freebies Check out what they have on their main page – but also be sure to click on the “forum” tab at the top. You’ll be clued in to many more freebies!

Wal-Mart I have gotten everything I’ve signed up for here – can’t say that for every site!

Start Sampling Make sure to click on “Today’s posts”

Hey It's Free This site also has some other sites listed to the right side that I’d check out!

Free Sample Forager Always good.

If you have another site that you love I’d love to hear about it! Getting stuff for free in the mail is awesome. It’s a great way to try out new products without spending a penny. Now, back to crafting!


Julie said...

I use all of these too and as soon as I get the e-mail for one you don't have listed I'll send it your way.
Thanks for sharing. Isn't it great to get free things in the mail, I love it!!

Julie said...


Try this one out. It's got coupons, ideas, freebies and so on.

Cindi said...

here are two favorites... the first one i have been going to for years and it's never failed me

One Pretty Thing

Craft Gossip