Friday, May 29, 2009

Vintage goodies

Have you noticed the changes to my blog? Well, it will probably change more as I tweak things – kinda fun! As I posted yesterday I cleaned screens and windows. . . and also warred with the weed wacker. After using that *&##@ lovely mother’s day gift from a couple years back :) my arms are SORE! Also all that vibrating caused my hands to go numb for a little while. But the yard sure looks nice!!! ha ha

Here is a picture of a vintage suitcase I got at a garage sale for $2.00 – what a deal. It’s some kind of painted metal – tin maybe? I think it will be great for camping – when the lid closes it holds everything in place – and the whole works can sit on the picnic table. I didn’t give it a great cleaning because it was going into service right away – and it’s for camping so the sitcker gunk is still there. Oh-well. See, I’m not compulsive!!

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Julie said...

I posted in the wrong spot (under the cleaning blog) but you'll get it anyways. Take care.

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