Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Master Grocery List

I just hate to run out of pantry items. So a while ago I made a “Master Grocery List” and I like to tape it to the inside of a cupboard door. As we run out of things we can circle them on the list – and write new things on the bottom. I’ve changed the core items on the list many times – as our tastes and interests change – but here is the most recent -


May you never run out of toilet paper just before company comes again! Do you like lists? Cause I also have a “Master Camping List” ha ha! Also if you would like to print your own out on pretty paper Tricia-Rennea’s blog has lots of free downloads and goodies!!


Julie said...

I like the idea and at one time I had done it but got away from it. Gotta work on that. I'll be checking out the pretty paper link too. Thanks.

Wendy said...

what a great idea! I *hate* running out of TP :D

urban craft said...

I totally need one of these. My next project is to chalkboard paint the door in the kitchen for just this reason.

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