Monday, June 8, 2009

Sewing lessons

A couple days ago I went to stay with my mom and got some sewing lessons. Might as well learn from the best right? I mean really - she made my underwear until high school!! I am soooo tired of buying clothes and having them shrink short and wide – or the fabric is too thin – or it fits everywhere but just one place (hips, or bust, or butt). So we had some sewing lessons! Here are the results -


A simple, feminine t-shirt. It has a tie at the back of the neck that might have to be replaced with a little button or something – but cute!!! Now, my mom made this one all alone as I was off visiting other relatives – but I think I can handle it, especially since I have this one to refer to. Here is the other one -


Now, this one is called Prairie Girl and it has a tie in the back at the waist to give it shape. And yes, the neckline is down to there – but you can either sew in a dickie or wear a tank – it is really cute!! I have the ties pulled back in this picture but it is really boxy shaped – it’s gonna be comfy! Why didn’t I learn to sew when I had access to my mom’s brain and natural talent everyday??? I really don’t know, cause in just a few hours she taught me what would have taken me many tries to eventually figure out! - And she makes it easy for me - explains everything so clearly!! (mom, now would be a good time for you to leave a comment and tell the world how I didn’t have any time cause I was too busy farming). Well, better late than never – thank you mom!!!!!

PS: Here are my hubbies slippers - DSC05579

So far he likes them! (Maybe if I keep making him things he’ll see the need for a serger?!)


Julie said...

I think I like the top shirt best but both are perfect for every day wear. I think I will get a copy of those patterns and just see what I can make. I took a picture of the toy box cleaned and organized (I think it's gonna be a bit waste of time but at least the broken toys are gone). Just check out my blog in a little bit. Good job Kim, keep it up. One day you'll be making lined jackets and tailored trousers. :o)

Love Mom said...

Honey, you are right. You were much too busy helping with all the farm chores. And any free time you might have had found you buried in a book! You are a GEM!

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