Thursday, July 23, 2009


Um, I think everyone who knows me knows I’m just a little warped. This meaning that my sense of humor tends to run just a little bit different than most. Well, now the rest of the world will know too. (Or at least the world that reads this blog :) ) I saw this post from Can’t Stop Making Things (great name by the way!) and knew I just had to give it a go. Basically you are taking your kids toys and taking their picture. Here is an example:


Here is another couple:



I tell ya – this can be addictive! Luckily I have a great friend who shares my sense of humor and we had a play date with our kids toys and our cameras! This is a great activity to do WITH the kids! My son had a ball setting up his own. Here is one of his:


According to him this train stopped to pick up passengers and this alligator hopped on for a ride.


This is so funny – I don’t think he meant for the boys head to be on backwards – but who knows?

As I’ve posted previously I have a growing collection of wind-up toys. Here’s a couple pictures of the latest additions.


Anyways, it is a lot of fun!! This next one is for Grandpa Mike -


We have play dates set up for the next week or so – I don’t see this getting boring any time soon.


urban craft said...

I swear I have that same Gumby. No Pokey though to go with it.

Cindi said...

oh my....this reminds me of the christmas my brother got a giant gumby and i got a tiny pee wee herman doll (before he was known as paul reubens in the police files) and we made a home video...haha i need to see if that is still lying around somewhere...thanks for the belly laugh

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