Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is making me happy!

This is some felted wool I purchased in Montana for $12.00 a pound. I think I got a great deal – lotsa pretty colors! Lots of projects swimming in my head – this person really inspires me!

blogphotos 0011

So many crafts – so little time! This is how I spent yesterday -

blogphotos 013

Eight more jars of tomato sauce – just need to be wiped down and put away for the winter. Now I just have to clean up the kitchen. . . AGAIN. . . and then on to applesauce. Phew!

Also – a family note – mark your calendars!!! October 25th is Abby’s confirmation. I’d really, REALLY, REALLY like all of you to come! Abby has gone to confirmation classes for three years to get to this point – and she’s really proud of herself. Please come and spend the afternoon with us! (And if you know someone doesn’t read this blog – please forward this to everyone – thanks!)


Julie said...

I have it on my calendar and if nothing else family wise comes up you know I will be there. With the freeze last night I think that's the end of the tomatoes, thank goodness you came last week for them. I got another 5 gallon bucket last night so we'll have a bunch to eat and share then back to the woody ones at the stores. You've done a great job canning. Keep up the good work.

Julie said...

One more thing, I love the felt pictures your lady makes. I love the pillows best. Such a cool idea. This is something Brenda would be interested in too. I think I'll have to show her it all. Talk to you soon.

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