Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Before and After

Another website I like to browse is Design Sponge.  I especially like to see the befores and afters. Go look! Ever wonder what your paneling could/would look like painted? Well you’ll see it there. It’s just another reminder that what is perceived as “junk” or “out of date” can be completely transformed. Here’s an example -


and. . .



Isn’t that amazing! I get inspired every time I look.  So what is going on around my house? Well. . . I sewed curtains for my daughter’s room. It only took me 10 hours. Really. Long. Story. I’ll tell it when I get my camera back and can take some pictures. Next week. Then I decided to just “whip up” a bag with the scraps. Another. Really. Long. Story. That involved swearing and seam ripping. I’ve played with my felt and made just a little something. Really little. I’m going to tackle another curtain tomorrow or the next day. I’m a little scared. But, you gotta get back on that horse right? Or, in this case, get back in front of that sewing machine. Well, have a good day and happy crafting!

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Holly said...

That is amazing! I have been so busy...not reading my design sponge emails...see what I (almost) missed!
Holly @ 504 Main

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