Monday, October 12, 2009

Don’t blow things out of proportion. . .


I have found a website that really tickles me. Check out Bits & Pieces, that is where this cartoon came from. Fall usually doesn’t bring out the best in me although it is my favorite season. Although when spring is here you’ll hear me saying that spring is my favorite season! ha ha We usually just have so much going on in the fall – school really gets going and the homework gets harder. Thanksgiving. Christmas. The sun seems to be hiding almost every day. I want the house to be clean for Abby’s confirmation. I have so many projects that I want to do – and keep getting hung up on the projects that I have to do, by putting them off. . . and not getting much done at all. Anyways, time for an attitude adjustment! I think that a little humor helps and this website fits the bill!! I won’t have my camera for the week so I’ll share with you bits and pieces of Bits & Pieces and other random stuff that might tickle you or inspire you.

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Julie said...

I love the cartoon. Thanks for sharing.

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