Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Organizing the thrifty way!

My first tip for organization is to put like with like. That is organization 101. My next tip is not to go buy “organization containers” until you are all done. How can you know what you need until you know what you have? Use what containers you have on hand first. (Like a pickle jar) I love to use these Red Vintage Labels from Just Something I made! I think it is important to keep your labeling uniform. That way there is less “clutter” for your eye to see and you can easily recognize the label – and then know what is where. Example:

blogphotos 004

See how easy it is to know what is where? I just stick the labels on with a little scotch tape. I’ve learned the hard way that I like to organize and switch things up – I keep a bunch of these labels handy and can redo the label whenever they get torn, dirty, or moved.

Here is another tip – I like to keep the Tupperware with the container it belongs to and I keep some of them in a lazy susan cabinet in the corner of the kitchen. Well, the lids kept spilling out – duh – the cabinet spins – and the kids like to give it a good hard spin when shutting or opening the cabinet. So here is what I came up with:

blogphotos 002 blogphotos 001

I attached a piece of elastic with upholstery tacks to one end of the cabinet. The lids stay in one place!! Yippee!!! Happy Crafting!


Julie said...

So cool, I love this. I like the pocket idea we just can up with too. Love it, love it.

urban craft said...

Brilliant! Do you think this will work with metal pot and pan covers? Those things fall out all over the place. Love your journal too!

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