Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buckets again -

I made another bucket yesterday. Here it is -


And for the lining I used plastic canvas – and added a zipper to insert it -


And gave it to my youngest son for all his cars. This will look much cuter on his shelf than the box he was using before. Notice I didn’t finish top-stitching on the top left? My bobbin ran out of thread with about 4” of stitching to go – I HATE it when that happens!!! I’ll finish it… someday. I also think I made the handles a little long – and would have liked to appliqué something red on the front but couldn’t decide on what – it’ll do. It’s a practice bucket anyways. Happy Crafting!!


Cindi said...

Like I said...genius!

Starla said...

here is a great use for plastic canvas - even Cindi will have to admit it! I like the idea - might have to make one for my little 3 year old. He likes to tote his toys around...

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