Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dinosaur Papercutting

Yay!! Cindy has resumed her “template Tuesday’s”! As soon as I saw this one I knew it would be perfect for my youngest son!


You can find the dinosaur papercutting template at Cindy’s site. I especially love this because it is always so hard to decorate for a boy! There are a ton of designs and ideas floating around blog-land for a girl…but sometimes I think the boys get forgotten. My boy appreciates crafts (duh – he’s grown up on them) and will just love this! Now I just have to go find some good background paper and a frame…

PS: Shanna – you can cut this out for your dinosaur-lovin boy! This wasn’t too hard at all…

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Shanna said...

ha, ha! I saw it and thought oooohhh....I will have to order one up....then I read the PS! HA! I am so not good with the exacto knife! You need to help me...the blade always gets away on me. Very cute!

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