Friday, February 26, 2010

A good start…


I’ve been collecting vintage sheets for about a year now. Whenever I’ve gone to a garage sale or a thrift store I’ve pounced on them…I’ll take anyone down who tries to get between me and a good vintage sheet. I battled with a few senior citizens for some of them – not one of my proudest moments…It is finally time to put them together to make a quilt. This isn’t the exact pattern I’ll be using – I found a couple more sheets after I took this picture – but you get the idea. I laid them on top of a blanket that we seem to use over and over again in the living room to get the size I want. I hope the quilt will be just a little bigger and will replace that ugly blanket. Have a good weekend! Happy Crafting!!!


Julie said...

I think I'd love this quilt. Soft colors, extra soft material....yep I know I'd love it. Keep us posted as it goes along. Maybe I'll get back to mine now you started yours. We'll see. :o)
Have fun shopping with Carmon, find some great deal and then share. Take care Kim. Love you girlfriend!!!

Cindi said...

I love vintage sheets. I'm just glad we never had to go to battle over any.

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