Friday, February 19, 2010


This is what I get to look at every day as I stand by my kitchen sink. My son and I used some of his little toys and made this habitat.



He’s had fun moving things around and adding new characters. I’ve had fun making tiny polymer clay mushrooms and flowers. We’ve had fun together! Now…I just have to make a prettier pot for the plant…I’ve failed miserably at this every time I’ve tried. Even after sealing the inside of the pot there are still paint bubbles and discoloration on the outside. Any tips? Any? Please?

Have a great weekend!!!


cindi said...

Very cute...has kind of a retro look to it. I like. Sorryno suggestions on the flowerpot.

Julie said...

I haven't a clue either on the pot. I'll see what I can find out for you.
I love the habitat. It's so cute.

I also love the stamps. You've got to make me a butterfly. Just kidding, sorta...:o)

Have a great day with Grant. Take care. Talk with you later on.

Carmen said...

The mushrooms are my fave. I've been thinking about your pot. Have you polyurethaned the inside? or used any waterproofer? Terracotta is very absorbent, hence the leaching. You might me able to paint some cute stuff on it if you scrub it down, poly it on the inside, then paint the outside. Just an idea. ;)

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