Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cereal Box File Folders

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Here’s how you make them – ready for this? Get pen and paper handy to take notes…you lay your manila file folder over your opened cereal box and trace it, then cut it. hehe. Do you think you can handle all those instructions? hehe. Mine will go undecorated because they will be in a file drawer. There are so many darn uses for cereal boxes we may never eat oatmeal again! Especially since we’ve been getting so many hot cereal deals – a dollar a box! woot woot!

Otherwise I’ve had a frustrating couple of days. My kitchen sink faucet has been running at a trickle. A very slooooooow trickle. So yesterday I took it apart. Nothing is wrong with the faucet…today I hope to start in the kitchen and work my way back checking all the valves.  It’s gonna be a long day. When I’m not doing that I’ll be recaulking the trim in my office. I already caulked it once…and when I went to prime it the paint beaded up on the caulked areas…I used unpaintable caulk! I had grabbed the wrong tube the first time…pure frustration! I hope all of your projects are more satisfying!!

Happy Crafting!!

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Julie said...

I've got to make some of these so Mike has his own folders in the filing cabinet. Maybe cover them in red or something easy for him to find.
It's a great idea. Thanks for sharing all your ideas Kim. You're one smart cookie. :o)
Take care.

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