Friday, July 23, 2010

Crafts Revisited…


I’ve been looking through old craft magazines and craft books lately. This is a quilled owl that I’ve made up a pattern for based on a picture in an old craft book… I’m thinking I need another mobile…

You’ll need:

(2) 4” strips coiled and glued to make the eyes. (Leave a little tail of paper at the end of the coil to make the “cheeks”).

(1) 2” strip formed into a circle and glued to make the body.

(1) 7/8” Strip to make the “forehead”.

(1) 5 1/2” strip to make the hoop.

(1) 4” strip tightly coiled to make the “hanger”.

Assemble to resemble the picture and there you go! Happy Crafting!!!


Melissa said...

He is sooooooooo cute!!

Ann Martin said...

What a cute little owl!

Inna D. said...

Love your owl, it's so cute!

Sara said...

I'm wondering if you could possibly post a more in-depth how-to on quilling. Also, I'm not sure if when you say 4" strip you mean 4 inches long or 4 inches wide. I'm guessing it's describing the length, but if so it seems like the mobile will be tiny, but there is no scale in the picture to measure it by.

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