Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robot Pendent


My little guy made this to enter into our local county fair…and I was a dunderhead who didn’t read the rules close enough to know I had to pre-enter him three days before bringing the exhibit. Really! So it didn’t get entered. I think I was waaaaay more disappointed than he was.

Here is how we/he made it. He drew a picture of a robot and I shrunk it on our copier. Then he glued it to a piece of wood and I cut it out. Then he put in the arms and legs and such. We coated it with a clear glaze. Easy peasy…isn’t it CUTE!

Well, this will be my last post for a while as I’m going camping!!! Yippee!!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful summer…

Happy Crafting! Kim


Melissa said...

How fun. I bet you were proud. I've done things like that before too where I feel like a terrible Mom and they don't even really mind.

Anonymous said...

Tell Gabe even though it didn't get entered in the fair, I think it's a Grand Champion. Looks like he inherited crafting talents from his Mom and the good looks from his Dad.

Julie said...

I love it. Tell Gabe I will show the kids Monday and maybe he could teach them how to do it. Maybe during MEA when everyone is around we could get together and do that. I know between now and school starting we're all busy so when it settles down sounds good to me.
I hope you have a terrific time camping. Call me when you get home. Take care Kim, drive carefully and Oh before I forget......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Love you girlfriend!!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

What a cute pendant. Tell your fellow that all the ladies who read your blog approve.

Camping? I LOVE camping. Have fun!


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