Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fiddling With Paper


I’ve just been fiddling with paper lately. I’m making these bugs to be a part of a larger project that has been in the works for quite a while now. I finally feel a bit more caught up with housework…but there is still a lot to do. How do you fellow crafters handle the housework/craft situation? Can you craft with a sink full of dirty dishes? Lately I’ve been feeling that I have to have housework done before I can craft…….only problem is…….housework is never done……there is always more to do! Really – how do you handle this????


Julie said...

I'm fine if the room I'm crafting in is clean. Just sorta ignore the rest.
I love the dragonflies. Got a pattern to share with me? You know me and paper.
Talk to you tomorrow. Want to have a visit? Library day if we go.
Take care, sleep tight.

yonca said...

Kim, that's sooo true! There is always more to do. Full time job lol.
Love the dragonflies:)Lovely!

Ona said...

These are very cool. Love the colors.

Unknown said...

HA!! That is why I don't get to craft too often...I hate a dirty/messy house! UGH! Over the summer when I was big into the leaves....the house suffered greatly! Oh well...there is always another day! By the way, I have a red sparkly leaf sitting here waiting for you!!!

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