Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!


Isn’t this little guy CUTE! It was a perfect craft to do with the kids and the tutorial can be found at Then She Made.  Awesome idea! My son and his sidekick made these last night (sidekick’s project went home before a picture could be taken) – It’s always great when a craft encompasses boys and girls and is easy and satisfying!

Then my sidekick and I made more little birdies – again – pictures weren’t taken of hers…gotta get on the ball about that. But here is mine:


I rounded out their bellies and made each bird a 10% bigger than the next one – smallest bird is on the top and I really like it! I think this one has to live at my house rather than go to the bazaar…I’ll make them another one. There are tons of little holes on the top of each bird too cause it took several tries to get them to hang straight! I think I’m going to making a lot more of these birdies cause they make me happy – even bigger next time!

I started a project that didn’t make me happy yesterday. Curtains for the living room…shoulda known it wasn’t going to go well when first thing I did was cut myself on the tape measure…and bled on my fabric…and then my son got spaghetti sauce on the backing fabric…and I couldn’t cut a straight line for anything…it’s now in a keeper to be brought to my mom’s house so she can help me! I have 35 FEET of fabric to wrestle with and I’m scared of making a mistake…argh!!! (Purchased for about $8.00 at the thrift store!)

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!

Disclaimer: the term “sidekick” is interchangeable with each person referred to and the other person referred to. All it is meant to mean is the person who we’re spending time with - “sidekick” was used to protect their privacy.

And thank you Carmen for the link to the video about our hospital… and yes…there is some irony there!!! (inside joke!)

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