Tuesday, October 5, 2010

“Paper Clay”






I have been researching paper clay these days. Can you believe these were made with a mixture of glue and cornstarch? They are pretty tiny…and I’ll be experimenting with larger versions as time goes by. All I did was pour out a little pile of cornstarch and then a little puddle of glue on top of that and mixed, and mixed, and got messy! If it was too sticky add a bit more cornstarch, if too dry add more glue. Easy peasy! I also found that Aileen’s Tacky Glue has held up the best. Elmer’s school glue wasn’t so great – I got some major cracking as they dried. If you want more information go here and here. Happy Crafting!!!

In other news my son spent a lot of time making this (and HE really made it – not me – it was HARD not to help!):


It’s a volcano that is ready to be set off today at school! We he used the same paper mache method that was used to make the stumps. Although this took 5 days to dry at least! And that is after spending a lot of time in the oven on low…there is a pop bottle inside to hold the baking soda and he has been sent to school with a funnel and vinegar – fingers crossed! Instructions for Faux Bois tree stumps found here (Martha’s instructions) – and examples of our finished faux bois stumps found here.


Julie said...

That is so cool. I bet that glue and cornstarch felt funny, sorta.
Thanks for sharing. These are so cool.
I love Gabs volcano. I so want to see if working. Tell Gab that's was great.
Take care.

Ona said...

These are so cool! You make the best little birds!!!

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