Friday, March 11, 2011

Fits and starts on my bowl…and St. Patrick’s Day crafts…

I got my camera batteries charged up and can show you more bowl pictures…


Look! This bowl has little feet and sits so cute…notice the awful orange shellac….


I just had to see what was underneath and so I sanded and sanded and sanded…and finally some lovely wood grain has started to show through!!!


Then I decided I wanted to incorporate a dragonfly…which turned into a butterfly…which got sanded off when it just looked wrong…


And this is where the bowl is headed now. Funny how projects start getting away from a person…I start with a vision (usually) and then end up heading in a different direction (usually)…


I got to babysit again this week and we crafted at the kitchen table. While my little girl painted and cut, I drew and cut out all these shamrocks…then decided they needed a little glitter…then decided they needed contrast with the dark brown circles. I printed the saying out, slapped it all in the frame, and boom! Done!


I also printed out this subway art from Eighteen 25 and framed it…


Gathered up a few green bottles from my bottle collection


Badda bing badda boom…we’re ready for St. Patrick’s Day! (Which also happens to be my hubbie’s birthday…more on that next week!)


In other news I am still struggling with stamping into metal. Grrrrr….. This craft will not defeat me!!! (I hope) Luckily I have plenty of pieces like this to practice on…like around a hundred…I picked up some belts at a local thrift store and this is one of the links on the belt…I’ve gotta be able to get at least one good impression before they are all gone!

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!!

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Julie said...

Sorry didn't get to talk to you today. Just one of those busy, run, busy, doing days.
I love your St. Patrick display. It was even better in person.
Have a great weekend Kim. I'll try and stop by tomorrow evening. Not sure yet what's up but will call you after my work out tomorrow. Might stop in if it's not to late just to make sure all is good.
Take care my friend.

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