Friday, March 2, 2012

Deer before and after…

I got this out of a free box last summer.


first day of school 2010 017

And after:


I have it hanging here…by these two mirrors I’m still working on. This is such a dark little hallway in my house I’m hoping the mirrors and white paint will brighten things up. I’ll add a pop of color when I figure out what that will be. lol!


Can you believe I started spray painting this last summer…almost a year ago! But while spray painting I noticed the antlers were loose and almost falling off. So I brought it into the house to get fixed…and there it sat… until I got out my E6000 glue and a stick pin and dabbed glue into the crack. Phew! I can’t believe it didn’t get broken before I could get to it…

Happy Crafting!

PS: And when I say “get to it” I mean remember that it isn’t done…sometimes I have projects that sit around so long I don’t see them anymore! Anyone else have that problem?

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