Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Polyester Paradise

Do you have something that has been with you for practically your whole life? I do. It's a polyester quilt that my mom made me when I was a little girl. I just love that quilt. It has seen me through the sweetness of childhood, the agonies of adolescence, the "learn your lessons the hard way" terrifying twenties, and the stage of life that I'm in right now. Which is somewhere in my glorious thirties. (You can tell my fabulous forties are right around the corner by how I worded that can't you!) This quilt has been on my bed for over THIRTY YEARS!! Now, I wouldn't want to wear polyester - but for a serviceable item isn't it awesome! It still looks brand new. This is a picture of the has-been-on-my-bed-for-over-thirty-years-quilt.

This one was completed over the weekend with my wonderful mother.

Don't they look similar!! They should. . . because some of the same poly was used in BOTH quilts. Some of the poly is 40 years old! Amazing stuff. The quilt my mom and I built is just squares. Lots and lots of squares. It was a good way to give my new sewing machine a workout (Thank you handsome hubby - isn't he AWESOME!) and a wonderful way to spend time with my mom. We cut and sewed and talked for one full day and one short day. My mom even got the top of another one sewn together. I still have to hand sew the binding on the back of this one - but I enjoy hand sewing and will complete this while snuggling up with the handsome hubby. Not all of my squares line up just right, I don't care. It was a good way to practice - I didn't have to fret about the expense of the fabric and not messing up! Ha! Happy crafting! Crafting is so much fun when you can craft with someone!!! Especially someone who knows what they are doing!!! Thank you mom!!!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful quilt! It must be very hard to do it! I couldn't have done it xD

Kim said...

It really wasn't hard at all - just took time. It was fun spending that time with my family.

Julie said...

I got to feel this quilt today and it was wonderful, warm and Kim did a beautiful job. Her idea of a blanket for lining and a sheet for the backing made this quilt flexible and an affortable way to make a quilt. Now handstitching the edge would not be my idea of fun but go for it girl. You sure do rock on your craft and sewing projects.

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