Thursday, January 29, 2009


Why - why - WHY!!! I'm trying to do a good thing. I'm trying to eliminate clutter in our home. Why then does the whole house have to fall apart????? It looks like someone picked the house up, shook it, and set it back down. I'd take a picture but I just can't make myself record the mess. I guess I'm just not brave enough.

Also, how does a simple project lead into another project so easily? I just wanted to clear an area where my youngest son could color, cut, and glue. In a room other than the kitchen. You know, move some stuff around and give him a desk. Next thing you know I'm painting. . . just one wall to start. . . then the ceiling looked dingy. . . then a couple more walls. . . then I'm painting polka dots on the walls. . . and reupholstering furniture.

I've always called this area my "scary area". When a friend is feeling as if they have the most cluttered house around I just took them to the "scary area" to cheer them up. (I still have plenty of other "scary areas" to cheer friends up with - ha!) I didn't want to just move the junk, er stuff, to the basement so I'm sorting, throwing, and giving away everything I can part with. Stuff that makes me wonder how it ever ended up in my house to begin with - or stuff the kids have outgrown. I guess this project isn't so simple anymore.

Letting go of the past and gearing up for the future (and present) is messy. And soooooooo worth it!

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Julie said...

The only problem with a good friend going though her stuff, guess who inherits the extra stuff? Yea right, me. Well she's been getting my stuff for ages so I suppose it's just fair. Remember her "Stuff that makes me wonder how it ever ended up in my house to begin with"? Well I know where some of it came from. You'd all be proud of the way Kim can take something and make it into something with absolutely no money, I know I am.

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