Friday, January 30, 2009


OK - let me make you all feel better about whatever mess in your house you're dealing with. . . ready???? Just look quick and then avert your eyes . . . it's bad. . . really bad. . .
This is what I've been dealing with. Told you it was bad!!! Geez I feel brave to show this picture. Most of this mess is gone now and everything is looking better. Phew. I'm tired. I know a busy bee is a happy bee but this bee feels broken.

Here is a sneak peak, this is the craft table.

I painted the walls orange because I had orange paint. Then to break up the orange I decided on white polka dots. Think they should have been in colors? Then for a punch of color I covered this chair in red, as you can see. I've added more since this picture was taken. Maybe I'll be ready to show more next week. My friend, Julie, is going to come over on Wednesday and hang a glass chandelier that I found in a garbage can. (OK - the wife knew I loved it and the husband didn't know - he threw it away and the wife called me and told me to get it if I wanted it.) I RAN over and got it. It's just going to be perfect. Kinda silly and whimsical. Perfect.

I think my kids are going to love having their own space. How many kids get to have a craft area?? The other end of this nook will be a reading area. I think that my handsome hubby will be impressed that I haven't spent a dime!! Just stuff from my crap - I mean stuff - pile in the basement! Happy crafting!

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Julie said...

Just wanted to tell everyone, Kim did a beautiful job up in this crafting/reading nook. It is amazing what she can do with all those ideas in her head. The color is so cheery and the pokadots, so cool. And the chandelier, it was the perfect touch!!

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