Monday, February 2, 2009

Kudusama Ball

We've been very busy around here lately. Spring cleaning has come early!! After going through all the stuff upstairs I've decided to tackle the basement. Ugh. Seems as if I've cleaned and sorted that basement a million times. Every time I think, phew, good thing I won't have to do that again. . . And a season goes by and there is just as much stuff to go through. I packed up three huge bags of clothes that my kids won't wear or don't fit. I will be donating them to my favorite thrift store as soon as I can get there.

This is a picture of another gift I gave my mom for Christmas. It is a paper Kudusama ball. There was a tutorial at Folding Trees and I couldn't resist giving it a try. My first attempt took a LONG time (about 5 hours) but my second attempt, this one, was pretty quick. Only a few hours. I think it was worth the effort. Most of my crafts don't take nearly as much time as the ones I make for Christmas. The fused plastic bag took an hour and a half. I started it at
8:30 PM (from scratch) and was done, with the mess cleaned up, by 10:00 PM. That seems to be a good time for me to do crafts. Over the weekend I made more wall pockets. I made three total and will try to get some pictures tomorrow. I finished my last one at 10:30 PM - that might have been a little late because I start making too many mistakes after about 10:00. Besides cleaning I'm working on a mobile for Valentine's Day. We love things hanging from the ceiling around here!

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