Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tutorial triumph!

Well - let's give this a go - this is my first post. With this blog I want to share my triumphs and failures while crafting. I'm always trying new things and this would also be a good place to put it down. This is harder than I thought!

First thing I want to record is this link. I tried to make this bag today (THANK YOU Tiny Happy for the wonderful tutorial - that was so generous to share!) , and I have to say it turned out pretty well. What would I do different to customize it to my lifestyle? Welllllll, next time I would make the shoulder strap a bit thinner and the bag a bit deeper. I would add more pockets to the inside and maybe one on the back of the outside. I would use a bigger button or a snap, or maybe Velcro. I would remember to clip the seams BEFORE I turned the bag right side out!! Ha!
I just looooove tutorials!!! It is so much fun to learn new things and stretch my boundaries! I'll try to include a picture - I'm not sure how all of this works! Happy crafting!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Friend! Fun to see your stuff. Thanks for sharing...Ona

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