Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fused plastic bag

First I should start off by talking about the name of my blog. I had other names in mind when I decided to start a blog - but they were all taken. Bummer. So I got out my thesaurus and started typing in different names - uber crafter wasn't taken. Now an uber crafter is what I WANT to be - not necessarily what I am. I think an uber crafter can use what they have and make their world a little more beautiful and useful. I usually don't go out and purchase supplies to make what I want to make right away - I don't know if that is because I'm lazy or thrifty. lol. But I like to look around at what I have and try to "make it work". I love to take old worn-out things and rededicate them to a new purpose. In many of my sewing crafts I'm using old shirts because although there is a stain on the front the back is usually in really good condition. You'll see. I guess this is why fusible plastic bags caught my attention. I first read about them a couple months ago and got all excited and tried it. It didn't turn out all that well. My iron was too hot and I ended up with a hard, shriveled hunk of plastic. I should have saved it to scrape the ice off my windshield. Then Christmas came and I was busy making gifts and decided to try it again later. Lesson #1 - go about a new project slowly. Don't be impatient. I don't mean that you should poke around - but don't let your excitement get the best of you and remember that if it doesn't turn out try again later. I didn't want that bad experience to wreck a fun project. Sooooo, I decided to try again. My daughter carries her shoes to school every day in a plastic bag. I can't strive to be an uber crafter and let that happen!! The fusible plastic seemed to be the perfect choice. THIS time I got a different iron. Didn't turn the heat up so high (middle setting worked the best). Took a deep breath (before the melting plastic fumes could get to me), and got to it. (Really, I didn't even notice any fumes). I am pleased with the results. A couple of things to note: when you cut the plastic after it's been fused don't think you can get squared pieces. I know I cut straight - but they wiggle around a little and not everything was straight in the long run. Next time maybe I'll try to just cut off the jagged edges first - let it rest - then try to cut the squares. It sews like a dream - smoooooooth. I got distracted by an old "Eye of the Tiger" song/video on TV and accidentally cut my mitered corners on the wrong side of the seam - so the bag ended up smaller on the bottom than I would have liked, but if you put the shoes in just right it is a perfect fit!


Julie said...

This is so cool. Now I know what you were talking about. You are such a creative person. Keep up the great work.

daysease said...

wow, love your bag! found you through a comment you left on cindy's scherenschnitte page... hope you do not mind my coming by uninvited. :-) You mentioned that you loved papercutting. would love to see some of your work. I also have become most attached (so don't want to say addicted, but...)to papercutting. if you would like to see my crafting blog see below. and, stop on by. hope you are having a great day.

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Julie said...

To anyone trying this, patience is needed. Kim's been trying to help me with that. I've tried about 8 times to do this so far and I have't "mastered" it yet. Iron to hot, iron to cold, to many layers, not enough. Kim's bag is wonderful and I will learn, thanks to Kim's help.

Anonymous said...

Kim - enjoyed looking over your items! They seem very interesting and useful. You can sure make me some zipper bags!! HA!! Love - Jeb and Shanna

Julie said...

Today Kim checked my progress on the ironing of the plastic and other the one as hard as a credit card, one more wrinkled then a shirt left in the dryer for days and a couple way to thin she says I'm getting it. If I manage to really make a bag or something I'll have Kim share it with you all, it'll just mean if I can do it, anyone can. Thanks for your help Kim.

Unknown said...

LOVE this bag!!

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