Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ironing pad success and failure

My old ironing board bit the dust. It was one of those table-top jobbies and since I NEVER have enough space (even when my crafting takes over the entire house) I put it on the floor to make room and I stepped on it. Yup - I'm not the feather I thought I was. Sigh. Soooo, when I saw this tutorial I knew this was the project for me!!! (Thank you Little Birdie Secrets!!!) First off I thought I'd make one for my friend. I really wanted one but knew that if I made one for me first I'd probably never make another. Does anyone enjoy doing the same project over and over again? Well, my friend's turned out awful!!!! The corners were all messed up and don't even get me started on packaged bias tape. Ugh - terrible stuff. Never, ever, EVER again!!! No pictures cause I gave it to her anyways - it still functions - and it will make her laugh every time she uses it. We all know I'm no where near perfect and that project just proved it. Ha! So to make this one I scrapped the bias tape - duh - and the tutorial says to use batting, but I had this foamy stuff that came with the shiny stuff packaged together that I pulled out of a dumpster. Yup - a dumpster. People throw away the craziest stuff!! WHY wouldn't you keep an ancient ironing board cover with the foam? Doesn't everyone have a "stash" of crap I mean stuff in their basements? I got the wild fabric for the front from my Grannie. I just love the colors and the pattern but I wouldn't want to wear them. Perfect for this project. The ironing pad works great! The best part is that you can customize it to any shape - mine is quite large. The one I made for my friend is pretty small - like 12"x12" so she can iron ribbon and such for scrapbooking.

Side note: Sorry my pictures are always so dark - but natural light in January? Not where I live. Ha!

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