Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cut paper ornaments

I may have found the link for this papercut here. I'm not sure. I have spent hours - really hours and hours during football season- searching the web for free papercut patterns. I have a couple more links I will share as time goes by. I never thought I'd start a blog so I have to say I didn't keep track of where this or that pattern came from. Boy - do I regret that!! I've often wanted to go back and see if there were similar patterns and didn't because I didn't know where exactly to go! ha! That is a lesson!! Somehow I'll have to go back and figure it all out - I shudder. And to find the pictures of the ones I cut - more shuddering. My computer files are a mess. I thought they were in good order until I started trying to find stuff. Gonna have to fix that and find a tutorial on that now too - lol! Happy crafting!!!

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