Friday, January 16, 2009

Papercut ornaments

I found the patterns for these here via MeggieCat. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for being so generous!!! I made my mom six of them for Christmas. The first three took me 4 hours to cut and sew. But it was so worth it! I cut each one twice and stitched them together to make them 3-d. The directions say to cut each one once and bead it but I like the 3-d look. Now I just have to make some for myself!

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perilloparodies said...

you did a great job of cutting them!!! I have never heard of the link you gave, so I will be checking that out soon. And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes, they are my own designs... I practiced on others' stuff for a bit, and then got bored of doing someone else's. I have only been papercutting since April of 2008. I would definitely encourage you to try some of your own. it is such a blast. well, have a great day. stop by anytime... :-)

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