Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zippered bag

I found this tutorial for zippered bags - and thought I'd give it a try. Um, I can't seem to understand zippers. I tried to insert one before, and that was a REAL disaster. It was a couple years ago and I figured my sewing skills have grown some since then - well - this project took me down a couple pegs. Ha!

Something funny happened to the corner of this particular bag where the zipper is. It really wasn't a corner at all - thus, the tab. I'd love some advice on zippers - I will be trying it again soon. I'm hoping to corral all the stuff in my bag/purse and just grab whatever zippered bags I'll be needing.

PS: To Julie - If you're fusing your plastic bags and you see scorch marks on you parchment paper and holes are forming in the plastic and smoke/steam is billowing around you - your iron is set too hot!! tee hee

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perilloparodies said...

cute bag in any case... :-) i have absolutely NO advice, but wanted to encourage you... You are doing a great job in your journey to learning more about sewing.

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