Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wall pocket

Do your kids leave little bits and pieces of their life all over the house like mine do? Well, I needed a way to corral the bits. In the past we've tried baskets on the steps - didn't work. Someone ALWAYS stepped on a basket and the contents would spill down the steps. When confronted - it was always that darn "not me" who did it too! I would try to have the kids bring their stuff to their rooms as I found it. That wasn't too practical - they were be running up and down the steps all day!

I came across this tutorial and thought this could be the answer. It will hang on the wall on the way upstairs. I have since made the first of what will be MANY wall pockets. They are awesome! This one is for my daughter. It is now holding her collection of bangle bracelets, a necklace, and any other things I've found around the kitchen. When the pocket gets too heavy I'll ask her to put the stuff away. Think it will work?

I did do things a bit differently from the tutorial. I didn't add the gussets. I figured we didn't need them. I added a dowel on the top and on the bottom in a casing so the wall pocket wouldn't bow out when full. Next time I think I'll add another in the middle.

I want to make them for each kid. . . and several for me!! Don't you just love getting things up off the floor? Do we ever have enough counter space? This would work for curling irons, brushes, school papers, anything! I think this project won't be hard to do over and over.
PS: Are we ever going to get some sun? I'll take another picture when we do!!

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