Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paper mache and ice-fishing

We had a fun weekend. We participated in an ice-fishing contest on our local lake and had a LOT of fun! My husband and his friends decided to also have their own contest while fishing. . . they wanted to see who could last the longest in SHORTS! Brrrrrr. I thought they were nuts. A couple of the guys did make it in shorts for the full THREE HOURS! This is a picture of what I looked like. . . quite a difference!
I had layers and layers on. It was cold, windy, and there was a damp haze over the area.

When not at the lake, I was experimenting with paper mache. This is a really fun craft!! I love that I can sit at the kitchen table and talk with the family while doing this craft. I wanted some sort of "sculpture" (I am using that term very loosely) to go into the reading/craft area upstairs. I've always loved funny little birds with long skinny legs, so I started gluing paper and this is how it turned out. After I got it in place - well, it doesn't quite fill up the space. Soooooo, I'm starting another. Haven't gotten to the paint stage yet. As always, it isn't as much fun to do a project the second time. But, I'm hoping that this will fill the space better.

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