Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Black Book

I don't like boxes of bulk food. Like oatmeal, rice, dry milk. . . you get the idea. I like to put the food in jars. I usually use pickle jars - washed really well. Surprisingly nothing has had a "pickle" taste to it, even though the jars retain their pickle smell for a long time. The problem with putting the food in jars is that I forget how to prepare it. I can make oatmeal for the kids every weekday (and usually do) and on the weekend we'll have cereal then Monday - I can't remember how to make the oatmeal! Crazy I know. So, I had the wrappers the rice or oatmeal or whatever taped to the insides of my cabinets. This worked pretty well - but that is valuable real estate in there. There's lots of other things I'd rather tape in there - like schedules, favorite recipes - you get the idea. So I came up with the idea of a little black book. To start with I scanned all the wrappers and sized them down on the computer. But you don't have to do that. In the picture you'll see one that is scanned and one that is simply cut from the box. I used packing tape to tape card stock on the side so I could punch the holes. (Cardboard was really thick) I've even added the little booklet I got with wild rice using the same tape method. Then I can still unfold it and use the recipes. This little black book sits very nicely in my spice cabinet, always handy. It isn't very pretty - but it's behind a cabinet door so I don't care. Happy crafting!!

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