Thursday, February 12, 2009

Greenhouse experiment

Wouldn't a greenhouse be awesome!! Well, I sadly don't have one. I really wanted to start some seeds in the house this year. I don't know why that urge comes over me every year - but it does. And usually ends in frustration. Other years my cats have "mown" the seedlings - or I've lost interest because they did so poorly. Huh - and here we go again. But I have new enthusiasm because I'm trying a new method! Yup - my brain never stops thinking of new ways to challenge me!

OK to start with I made some pots out of newspaper. My friend had a really cool little tool to do this but she isn't home and I wanted to make pots now. So I improvised with a glass and a cream cheese container. First fold one half of a full page of newspaper lengthwise. Then wrap it around the glass with the folded edge at the top, pull the glass out of the tube. I stapled it at this point at the folded edge and folded the edge down giving it a "cuff" and a little more stability. Then put the glass back into the tube and turn it upside down. Smoosh the extra paper around the bottom of the glass to make a little pot. Then put the bottom of the glass, with the paper pot still on it, into the cream cheese container and press the bottom firmly and rotate. Remove the glass and cream cheese container and you have a little pot! I will admit to using a bit of masking tape to hold the bottom secure. When I plant the pots I'll just remove the staple and tape. Not a big deal. My friends little tool worked much better but this will do just fine. Then fill all the pots with your favorite soil. Put them into a tray. Put the tray into a clear plastic bag that a comforter came in. (This will be your greenhouse!!!!) Put the whole shebang over a heat vent near a window and wallah! I put the whole shebang on an old wooden window with screen and set that on four paint cans to prop it up over the vent and added water so everything gets a good soaking.

We'll see how this works. It's an experiment. The kids and I will go buy some geranium seeds and plant soon!!! Oh yeah, right now this isn't important - but when the seedlings grow I'll put sticks into the pots to hold the bag up so it doesn't crush them. Good luck!!

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