Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random thought

I spent the day cleaning my carpet. Ugh! I HATE carpet. It is a personal pet peeve. I'd rather have wood or even vinyl. Can't seem to get my husband to agree with me though. I'm tired. I've been working like a dog. Why do we still say "working like a dog"? My dogs DO NOT work. My dogs actually make extra work for me. They don't even have the courtesy of picking up their own poop when an accident happens. They have a pretty nice existence. I'd kinda like to be one of my dogs. I think we should change the saying to "working like a mother". Doesn't that have a nicer ring?

PS: The picture is what my poor Chihuahua's life has been like since Edith came home. ha ha!!


Kim said...

Yeah but just think, it'll be so nice to walk in the house and have it fresh as a daisy and it feels so good on the feet. Make your cool rugs now to help keep it clean and then share them with your readers. They'll love to see more of your goodies. Sleep well tonight!!!

Julie said...

Well that post was suppose to say me as a comment, not sure how it says you....I suppose since you checked your mail from here last. Oh well!!

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