Thursday, February 26, 2009

Papercutting problem

Here is a picture of the third papercutting. Something isn't right with it. Does it need a border? Should I cut the same thing but bigger? This is my own doodle. I gotta tell you it is hard! The very hardest part for me is to come up with an original idea. I see so many wonderful designs online - I just want to emulate them.


Unknown said...

I see your dilemna. I wouldn't put a complete border on it, because it might be too symetrical. Try a corner border- OR even simpler, cut down your background paper (try it with a mat first before committing) and see how the flower looks look filling up the space better. Of course, you will have to do another design to complet your trio of the same size designs.... :)

Unknown said...

BTW, the other two designs are very nice! I love the birds, but I think the bleeding heart is my favorite (so intricate!)

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