Friday, February 27, 2009

Hipster Bag

I got pretty excited when I saw this idea! (Thank you rocknroar!!!!!!!) I'll tell you why - the phone ALWAYS rings when I'm in the basement doing laundry. I always tell myself to remember to bring a phone with me - and sometimes do - and then forget the dang thing down there - but usually my feet are going down the steps before my brain actually realizes what's going on. ha ha. Also, as much as I love my iPod I never know where to put it on my person as I move about the house. If it is in a pocket I'm accidentally changing settings with my movements. Not to mention that I'm terrified it'll end up in the washing machine - shudder!!!! Soooo, this seemed like a GREAT idea! Also the idea is to wear it slung low on your hips - not cinched around your waist. It is very comfortable!!! I think I'll make a variety of them to go with different outfits and to fit different needs. One that has a flap and an inside pocket for money for when I walk around town for instance. It might be a good idea to use some interfacing if anything heavy is going to be carried around in here too. In the summer I don't always have pockets - this is going to be terrific! I didn't follow the tutorial given for this project. Instead I basically followed the same directions as the draw string bag. There is a casing sewn on the back that the belt is drawn through. I couldn't decide if I should box the corners or not. While it might be more roomy - I didn't want any extra "bulk" hanging off my hip. At least my jean pockets won't be so full now. I hate how that looks when my shirt tents over the bulging pockets - ugh. This is going to be so handy while picking up the house too - all those bits and pieces. Ahhhh, I'm happy.

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