Monday, March 2, 2009

Black hole

So, today I wanted to color my hair. I've always colored my own hair - do you know how much money they want to do it at a hair salon?! Anyways - I picked up my hair coloring kit a couple of weeks ago and put it in a safe place. Apparently my safe place is otherwise known as a BLACK HOLE. So many, many things get sucked into that black hole. . . sigh. I looked in the pantry - and realized I'd be lucky to find a can of soup in there. Spent a couple hours cleaning and reorganizing the pantry. Maybe I put it under the kitchen sink? Jeez - what a mess - spent at least a couple hours cleaning under there. Maybe it is under the bathroom sink? I mean, that would make sense right? Holy cow!! No wonder we can never find any soap! Spent a good hour and a half cleaning under there. Checked the baskets on the highest shelves in the bathroom - YUCK - how can something so high up get so grungy? Spent forty five minutes going through all that junk. Where is my hair coloring??? I checked the locked medicine cabinet in the back room - and I just shut and relocked the door. It has been a long day. I never did find my hair coloring kit. . . . The good news is that my house is much, much cleaner in places that nobody ever looks. Right?!

Note: you might be wondering why it took me so long to clean all that stuff. Well, you see, it is never a matter of simply cleaning. For some reason I always have to really reorganize at the same time. We don't just go out and buy organizers around here. So I'm busy constructing things. Like - cutting down a sturdy little box to become a place to store whatever. At one point I found an almost empty shampoo bottle that is rectangular and started daydreaming wall pocket, wall pocket, wall pocket. Yep -that will be a project soon. Or finding the perfect jar so all the old toothbrushes that I use for cleaning will stand up and not create an uneven surface so all the other junk will stand up too. Emptying and rinsing various bottles so I can recycle them. Figuring out other uses for things. I really like the pump bottles that Bath and Body Works soap comes in. I cleaned one of those out and filled it with my hand dish detergent. All that little stuff adds up in terms of time. (But I really think it is kind of fun!)

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