Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I wondered if you wanted more examples of what I was talking about yesterday? Looking around the house for organizational tools? Well, here is an example:

I used packing tape to tape the edges down - cut the ovalish shape in the middle - and stuffed around 50 grocery bags in this box. I like that the boxes can be stacked.

Here is another example. Here is the before picture of my junk drawer.

Here is the after picture.

Each prescription bottle is holding something small like: tiny screws, cup hooks, leash clips, eyelets, etc. . . I labeled them with little round stickers. I've asked my dear family and friends to start saving their prescription bottles for me - and now they know why. And, I'm holding you to your promises to keep sending them my way - you can do this yourself in a couple months! ha ha! I just couldn't stand throwing them away. I even brought one back to the pharmacy and asked them if they recycled them. The pharmacy people looked at me like I was crazy! So, I've been keeping them for quite a while now and wondering if they could be used for another purpose. If everyone used stuff like this around their homes. . instead of throwing it away. . . just think of how many of these little brown bottles are in the landfills. . . drives me nuts. I could organize my entire house! Also, yup - I'm a little bit of a "tree hugger" but the biggest part of me is practical. Why purchase something special to organize with when you already have what you need? Is it pretty? Well, no. Does it work? YES!! If you want it to be pretty start wrapping the bottles with paper and fancy labels.

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