Monday, March 9, 2009

Fabric Basket

I used to have a really nice jar that I kept my Qtips in. Guess what happened. Yup, it fell out of the medicine cabinet onto the sink and shattered. That is why I thought this was such a great idea! It can't shatter. I liked how this turned out so much I've made a bunch of them. I'd much rather look at the cute little fabric basket than the clutter they hold!

I'll try to find the tutorial and post it next time. Also - it you have time go check out my friends cool new Etsy store! It's called JoolsJewels and it is AWESOME!!!


Julie said...

Thanks Kim, now maybe one you're followers will check me out. I apprecaite it. Talk with you tomorrow.

Julie said...

Very bad grammer in that post, how about one of your follower....sounds much better. Oh well I'm tired as you can see/read.

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