Thursday, March 12, 2009

Polyester Paradise II

Over the weekend I put together another polyester quilt. The colors are based on the colors that I had. I didn't go out and buy these colors. ha ha. Overall I really like how this turned out. I cut out all the pieces on Saturday evening - at the kitchen table - big projects need more room. Then I moved my sewing machine to the kitchen and sewed it together on Sunday. I got my pattern from and I just love the patch-work feel of this quilt. I'd really like to pick out and actually buy fabric and remake this!

This week hasn't been such a crafty week. I decided to hang some scrapbook frames I recently got and once I took down other pictures on the wall I noticed that the wall was in bad shape. So, I get out my paint and spackle and get busy. Well. . . next thing you know I realize the ceiling looks like heck. . . then the kitchen looks just plain dingy. . . a little caulking could help. . . a trip to the hardware store. . . paint some more. . . I really HATE caulking. The caulk sucked up into the gaps and I had to re caulk today. Gonna let it dry overnight and paint tomorrow? Who knows. At this rate it could be next week!!! All because I wanted to hang some pictures. sigh.

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