Friday, March 13, 2009

Update and Puppy Screen

Update: Still haven't found my hair coloring kit. I drive myself nuts sometimes!!!

Update: I have a brown thumb. sigh. My spinach isn't doing so well. Honestly, it isn't doing anything. I will try again. I think maybe I should have watered it more. I drive myself nuts sometimes!!

Update: I'm still cleaning drawers. Did you know I'm addicted to lip balm? So far I've counted about 12 tubes! Geez.

OK - about the puppy screen. Puppies and craft rooms don't mix. Whenever the door is left open Edith thinks she's hit the jackpot! I'll catch her running around the house with a bit of Velcro or fabric or whatever she can find and she's chewing away madly. After she chewed an entire sheet of pop dot stickers, it was either block her out or be much neater. So, I found this screen in the shed - painted it - replaced the screen and voila! It only has to be leaned against the door - but if your puppy is more persistant than mine you could use hooks and eyes to hang it from the door frame. The screen is low enough that I can just hop over it. I only bang my knee every other time or so. ha ha! Did I say I drive myself nuts sometimes??? The picture of Edith is from when she was just born - ooh she is so cute!! (Thank you Angie for the picture!)

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