Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I made this cutting for my handsome hubbie because it was his birthday on St. Patrick's day and I just knew he'd always been riddled with envy because I always make cuttings for everyone else and not many for him. ha ha! The cuttings are tricky to photograph because they keep moving! He was sutibly impressed. ha ha! Then after a family dinner and cake, we put on our crazy green wigs (yes, both of us) and went out and had a green beer. It was a lot of fun - after 20 years we still have a lot of fun!!
I got the pattern here - I just love her work and will be buying her book as soon as it is published!!! I just can't wait!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job! Yours looks better than mine! said...

I am SO jealous that your husband wore a green wig, what a great sport! And the cutting is fabulous!

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