Sunday, March 15, 2009


I decided to revamp the pantry shelves again. This time I removed everything from one shelf and I'm painting it. WOW does a little paint make a HUGE difference! The paint is Martha Stewart ironstone white and it is high gloss. This is some awesome paint - nice and thick. I got two of the aluminum canisters this weekend at my favorite thrift store. Because my shelves are so exposed I like to try (try) to keep them neat. Everything can go to heck in a handbasket in a matter of minutes though.

I made some labels in Microsoft Word and stuck them on with packing tape. Works great! I wasn't as neat as I should have been - but that tape is so sticky! I'm painting one shelf at a time. The kitchen can't handle all the stuff that has to be pulled off the shelves to paint them. Already got two coats of primer on this morning. It's slow going - but it will be soooo nice and clean when it is done. A great way to start the summer.

This sounds yummy! It would really be nice to wake up to a hot breakfast on Easter morning!! You know, get some protein into the kids before they OD on sugar. (I'm the kind of mom who lets them eat their candy until it is gone - why save it - the wrapper mess just continues that much longer if you don't. Oh - and the Easter bunny usually doesn't bring much candy anymore - he'll tuck a little gift into the basket instead)

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