Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

OK - yesterday was Earth Day. Since my life is all about reduce, reuse, and recycle anyways I didn't do anything special for Earth Day. But here is one small contribution/idea. My beloved purple fleece coat no longer zipped. When something no longer works around here I always look at it and see if there is anything that can be salvaged. In this case the little ends from all the strings can be reused and the springy clampy things. I'll probably use them on a bag some time in the future.
Then I thought about the fabric itself. The pets always want to lay on our clothing anyways so I thought I'd cut off the hood and put it in the little doggie basket. Well, it was a big hood. It made a new basket liner! No sewing required. I suppose at some point I'll bind the edge but hey! It was free. I do stuff like this for a few reasons. It's practical and saves money. Why go buy something when you already have it? Also, I feel we are stewards of this beautiful earth that God gave us. Whatever your opinion of global warming is, I feel we are to take care of what has been given to us. Do you really think it makes Him happy when we throw away things that can be reused or recycled? I just can't think that He's all that pleased with the piles and piles of trash in the landfills.

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